Lublin City Break


The largest city on the east of the Vistula river, the capital of the Lublin voivodship. The city inscribed on the List of European Heritage and as befits the title draws its cultural richness

The atmosphere perfectly preserved old town with its atmospheric streets help you discover the beauty of the cityHere wait for you elegant restaurants, cafes and art galleries. Lublin is teeming with life while many cultural events - music, culinary, and others that can not be missed. As one of the largest universities in the country makes you feel the atmosphere of fun.
The capital of the voivodship is also the perfect starting point for other regions where waits another portion of attractions- cultural and natural, offering opportunities for active leisure.


Kazimierz Dolny


The charming small town located in the meanders of the greatest Polish river - the Vistula river. Surely no one can be surprised by  its rich history and original architecture. It is a paradise for painters, photographers and filmmakers who appreciated its beauty by organizing a film festival Dwa Brzegi (Two Shores). It is worth to spend time here actively - canoeing on the Vistula River and walking trails Kazimierz Landscape Park.




Called Padua of the North was inscribed on the UNESCO list not without reason. Built from the ground up to previously untouched areas, designed by acclaimed Italian artist Bernardo Morando impresses with original architecture. Here, in addition to urban buidlings you also find ancient fortification guarding the former city gates, where cannon shots can be heard even today ... and where you can be artilleryman.




Feel the multicultural atmosphere of this historic city - called cultural capital of Ukraine, a former Polish thriving cultural center. Strolling through the streets of the Old Town you encounter a number of tenements covering some mysterious history, churches reminiscent of religious and ethnic diversity of the ancient inhabitants of the city. Take a rest in one of the cafes on teeming with live at any time the Old Town Square and feel its magic. In the evening, turn into the old guard of the city and discover it’s dark secrets ....




It is an invitation to move to the eighteenth century baronial mansion. There is a perfectly preserved complex of the Palace and Park from this period – nowadays  the Museum of the Zamoyski Family. You find here a richly decorated and furnished interior of the palace in the style of French Second Empire, in part modeled on the Paris suburb of Versailles. Worth visiting is unique, the only Polish Art Gallery of Socialist Realism, in the former Coach House. Museum has a collection of 1600 exhibits - paintings, sculptures drawings, posters, from the 1st half of the 50 (among them the works of leading Polish artists).

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